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Upcoming Weekend Retreats 

Nature. Kindred Spirits. Personal Transformation.
Price Varies



COVID-19 Update

All upcoming weekend retreats are suspended for the foreseeable future. I will update the website with future offerings as able. Stay safe!


What to Expect from A Weekend Retreat

Weekend retreats are designed to promote deep personal transformation in a short amount of time. We believe time in nature with kindred spirits is just the ticket! Weekend retreats often include the following: lodging and meals, physical movement practices, psycho-educational and energetic workshops, quiet time for contemplative and creative practices, downtime, and games or other group activities.

Garner Guidance LLC is located in Longmont, Colorado. This service is available to all US residents who are 18 or older, following application approval by retreat organizers. Retreat size: 10-12 participants.

Cancellation Policy

Varies, depending on retreat specifics.

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