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Anneva NK Garner

Highly Sensitive Therapist for Highly Sensitive People.


“Empathic psychotherapists…use intuition, empathy, and spirituality, along with their conventional training, to help others. They also teach their patients to become more intuitive and aware of energy. The advantage of working with highly sensitive or empath therapists is that they can see more, feel more, and intuit more about patients, which enhances the psychotherapy process.” —Judith Orloff, MD


The Healer

I was a psychotherapy client for about 4 years, and I know talk therapy has its limitations. If you could talk or "process" your way out of your current challenges, I believe you would have done so by now, without my guidance. So let's try something different!


As your holistic and Highly Sensitive Therapist, I'm here to help you focus on your emotional and mental wellbeing, by way of our relationship, somatic therapy, and energy psychology. I bring my professional expertise, compassion, and intuition. You bring your deep knowledge of yourself, and your desire to grow. Together, we create a professional relationship and environment where healing is more likely to happen. 


Once you've met your therapeutic goals, my services are no longer needed. I'd like you to leave therapy knowing you're beloved and worthy of authentic relationships, trusting your intuition, and feeling competent and empowered to continue your healing journey, wherever life takes you next.

The Wild Woman

I grew up in Minneapolis, 2 blocks from the Mississippi River, 90 minutes from "The Lake," and 3 hours from the North Shore of Lake Superior. These pristine waters are home and medicine for me. Their dense, deciduous and coniferous woods are where I played and learned to identify birds and native plants as a Highly Sensitive Child. These days, I'm also into Colorado sunshine, semi-hydroponic orchid growing, xeriscape gardening, hiking, camping, and growing fruits and vegetables for shared meals with friends. I'm also big on conservation. Thanks for supporting a solar powered business!


The Artist

I've always been a dancer. At 17, I was an apprentice with a ballet company, dancing 40+ hours a week, and performing in historic theaters in front of thousands of people. I went on to earn a BFA in dance and an MA in clinical mental health counseling, with specialization in somatic counseling and dance/movement therapy. 


I believe the performing arts are inherently healing because they demand self-expression of one's body, identities, emotional life, creativity, and power. I love the momentum, alchemy and revolution of dancing in a group–becoming more than the sum of its parts to impact change–and how sacred that feels. I love the little universe that unfolds in the ritual of exploring specific movements, day after day, week after week. I love the play and wonder of improvisation, collaboration, and choreography. I love helping Highly Sensitive People heal their trauma by moving their bodies in creative ways.

The Contemplative

"Spiritual Wellness" includes finding purpose, value, and meaning in life, and participating in activities that are consistent with your beliefs and values. I am committed to helping you explore YOUR spiritual wellness whether you are religious or expressly "spiritual, NOT religious."

I've actively practiced Christianity for three decades, and I'm a pastor's spouse (Mr. Rogers' denomination, proudly). A childhood mystical experience led me to Christianity. This and other mystical experiences sustain my faith in Christ, despite some deep disappointments within Christian community life, and with the American Church at large. Seeing Jesus as the epitome of unconditional love, non-coercion, inclusion, justice, and mercy, I believe Christians have a responsibility to help everyone feel welcome, safe, nourished, and challenged to grow through church community life. I continue to practice Christianity to grow more Christlike, root into my ancestral lineage, and promote spiritual healing for future generations. If you've been hurt by church leadership or community life, your wounds are welcome here.



Conscious Dying End-of-Life Coach, Conscious Dying Institute

Registered Somatic Movement Therapist (RSMT), International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC.0020546), Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies

Traditional Usui Reiki Master, Lisa Powers

Advanced Mind Energy Body Coach, Year 1 & 2, 300-Hour, Carolyn Bucey Eberle School of Transformation

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST), Mental Health Partners

Master of Arts, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Naropa University

     Concentration: Somatic Counseling

     Concentration: Dance/Movement Therapy

Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction, Dance, University of Minnesota


Race and Ethnicity: White; Great Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia

Nationality: American (immigration before 1776; both sides of the Civil War)

Language: English

Socioeconomic Class: Middle

Gender and Pronouns: Cisgender female; she/her/hers

Sexuality: Heterosexual, monogamous, married

Age: mid 30s

Disability: None

Highest Level of Education: Master of Arts

Spirituality/Religion: Christianity (Presbyterian Church USA)

Political Affiliation: None

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