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Welcome to the Colorado Highly Sensitive Person Book Club!


You're invited to the Colorado Highly Sensitive Person Book Club, offered to you by local, Highly Sensitive Therapist, Anneva NK Garner, MA, RSMT, LPC. This free, Zoom book club focuses on Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs) and the genetic trait of Sensory Processing Sensitivity, which is found in 15-20% of the population worldwide. Sign up for one or multiple books. Each discussion group has a limit of 12 local, highly sensitive readers.

New book starts Sunday, September 25th, 2022

The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When The World Overwhelms You (1996, 2020)

by Elaine N. Aron,  Ph.D.

Meeting dates: Sunday, 9/25, 10/9, 10/23, 11/6 & 11/20, 5-6PM

Groups Really Aren't My Thing. Why Join a Book Club?


Many HSPs spend decades feeling overwhelmed in an insensitive world, believing no one understands them, and worrying they are somehow broken. Yet, research indicates that 1 in 5 people are HSPs, and furthermore, HSPs serve an essential function for our species. The purpose of this book club is to illuminate the science, debunk the myths, and explore our shared experiences as HSPs. This book club aims to foster local community among Colorado's HSPs, because cultivating deep friendships with kindred spirits is worth the effort!

What's the Commitment?

  • Register for 1 or more books

  • Read the assigned chapters (general pace: 1 chapter per week)

  • Participate in the Zoom book club discussion​​

    • There will be 4-6 meetings per book, depending on the length of the book (please make attending all meetings a priority)

    • Meetings occur every other Sunday, 5-6PM

    • There will be a month-long break between books, during which time participants may change

    • Stay focused on the assigned chapters – voicing questions, speaking to your own experiences, and advocating for your needs

    • Remember this is a book club and not a therapy or support group, though reading these books may be therapeutic

    • Promote a culture where everyone feels safe, heard, beloved, and hopeful for the future

    • Welcome respectful disagreement



Registration Now Closed:
The Highly Sensitive Person

Meeting 1: Sunday, September 25th, 5-6PM, ZOOM

  • Author's Note, 2020

  • Preface

  • Are You Highly Sensitive? A Self-Test

  • Ch. 1: The Facts About Being Highly Sensitive: A (Wrong) Sense of Being Flawed

  • Ch. 2: Digging Deeper: Understanding Your Trait for All That It Is


Meeting 2: Sunday, October 9th, 5-6PM, ZOOM

  • Ch. 3: General Health and Lifestyle for HSPs: Loving and Learning From Your Infant/Body Self

  • Ch. 4: Reframing Your Childhood and Adolescence: Learning to Parent Yourself

Meeting 3: Sunday, October 23rd, 5-6PM, ZOOM

  • Ch. 5: Social Relationships: The Slide Into "Shy"

  • Ch. 6: Thriving at Work: Follow Your Bliss and Let Your Light Shine Through

Meeting 4: Sunday, November 6th, 5-6PM, ZOOM

  • Ch. 7: Close Relationships: The Challenge of Sensitive Love

  • Ch. 8: Healing the Deeper Wounds: A Different Process for HSPs

Meeting 5: Sunday, November 20th, 5-6PM, ZOOM

  • Ch. 9: Medics, Medications, and HSPs: Being a Pioneer on the Frontiers of Medicine

  • Ch. 10: Soul & Spirit: Where True Treasure Lies

  • Tips for Health-Care Professionals Working With Highly Sensitive People

  • Tips for Teachers Working With Highly Sensitive Students

  • Tips for Employers of Highly Sensitive People

About Your Host:
Anneva NK Garner, MA, RSMT, LPC

Anneva is a Highly Sensitive Person and a Highly Sensitive Person Knowledgeable Therapist in Longmont, Colorado. She is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist and a Trauma-informed Energy Healer 300-Hour.


Anneva is the founder of Garner Guidance LLC | Resilience for sensitive people in insensitive times. This practice offers holistic mental health services, integrating talk therapy, somatic therapy, and energy psychology to help individual adults with anxiety, depression, grief, stress, trauma, relationships, vocation, spirituality, and self-esteem.

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