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Step 1: Free Consultation

Is Anneva the right professional for you?
30-50 min. | Free



Did you know?

Research repeatedly demonstrates that, when it comes to meeting your goals, a strong client-therapist relationship is a better predictor of success than the therapist's education and experience. As a client, it's extremely important that you 1) feel safe 2) feel beloved and 3) trust your therapist! If you're 3+ appointments deep and the spark isn't there, it's time to talk about it with the therapist. I know addressing the issue can be daunting, but maybe some minor adjustments can resolve your concerns (if so, how wonderful!), or maybe this isn't the right therapist for you, and you should invest your time, money, and heart elsewhere.


What to Expect from This Consultation

Consider this video/phone appointment an informal, 2-way greeting. We'll briefly get to know one another. You'll have an opportunity to ask me some questions. I'll have some questions for you as well. Ultimately, we want to know if this potential client-therapist relationship "has spark." If we agree to move forward, we'll schedule a new client intake. If not, I'll provide you with a few referrals so you can connect with a professional who's a better fit for you and your goals, no strings attached.

Garner Guidance LLC is located in Longmont, Colorado. Due to licensure restrictions, this service is available to Colorado residents only.

Cancellation Policy

Life happens! If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, no worries! Kindly let me know at least 48 hours in advance. Individuals who late-cancel or no-show their free consultation will be referred out and not allowed to reschedule. Thank you for respecting my time, and the scheduling needs of my existing clientele.

Book Your Consult!

Step 1: Free Consultation
30-50 min. | Free

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