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Coaching Services

For Highly Sensitive People

The Resiliency Project

Being easily overaroused

Energetic Hygiene

Sensitive people sense subtleties in their environment, and no therapeutic approach is more subtle than energy healing. Perhaps this is why so many HSPs find subtle energy work to be so affirming and grounding. But why become indefinitely dependent on a Reiki practitioner when you can learn to accurately assess and care for your energetic anatomy yourself? Let's establish your energetic baseline, and then explore some tools 

Death as Teacher

What if your doctor called and said, at best, you have 3 months to live? When we're living a life that's incongruent with our values, our brushes with death amplify our unresolved internal work, and give us a sense that there's "not enough time." The Conscious Dying Institute's Best 3 Months program is designed to help you contemplate your whenever-death, so you feel empowered to live a more intentional life in the present. Using homework,  private sessions, and goal setting, we will explore your physical, emotional, mental/legacy, spiritual, and practical/after-death desires, in order to illuminate what's most important to you in life and eventual end-of-life.

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